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Details of the activity

[Time of the activity]  From August 8, 2012 to September 30, 2012.
[Activity Rules]  Students who login or register successfully on Great Wall Chinese website will get ONE FREE online lesson while stock lasts. This lesson will be effective within 30 days.
[Instructions]  During this activity, FIVE FREE online lessons will be offered everyday. First come, first served.

Four main types of courses for you to choose freely

  • Intergrated Course Learn more>>

    Teaching based on Great Wall Chinese multi-media courseware,featured in:

    comprehensive coverage of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing practice;
    reasonable-arranged teaching contents to help the students grasp the focus and difficulties gradually.
  • Oral Course Learn more>>

    Teaching useful oral Chinese expressions according to the communication topics in Great Wall Chinese and the students needs,featured in:

    colorful sentence patterns;
    practical communication topics.
  • Aural-oral Course Learn more>>

    With the advantages of listening and speaking practice in Great Wall Chinese Multi-media Courseware, this course is featured in:

    showing you the real Chinese with the vivid cartoon stories;
    teaching you the standard pronunciation by interaction oral exercises.
  • Tutorial Course Learn more>>

    This course is specially designed for Great Wall Chinese self-study students.It aims to:

    help you to solve the difficulties in courseware learning;
    answer all kinds of questions in your self-study.
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